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simplified organic skincare

Recent years have seen immense interest in restoring natural ways of living. Organic lifestyle brings the predicament of misplaced beliefs and, more importantly, unrealistic expectations. This post discusses simplified organic skincare and living and critical take-home points.

Rosehip Seed Oil

Let’s learn more about the hidden skincare benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil. The world of skincare and cosmetics is full of various oils. At times, it becomes difficult to know each of them well. It is vital to learn about the essential properties of each oil for its proper use for skincare.Read more.

Leaving Your Happy Nest

The effects produced by natural substances on our skin are generally well tolerated. Cosmetic products created using natural elements produce subtle but effective results and provide long-term benefits. Read more.

Nurturing For Better Tomorrow Part II

The cosmetic industry is expanding exponentially, perhaps quicker than the expansion of our universe. Rising demand for cosmetic products and expectations for a quick transformation or a promise for a cure has led to the rapid development of chemical-based products. Read more.

Kusum Cosmetics is built on pillars of nature. We strive to deliver freshly made, high-quality cosmetics, hair, and skincare products using naturally occurring, organic substances. We are a boutique, high-end manufacturer that takes pride in creating unique solutions to day to day skin and hair care.

We craft cosmetic products with USDA Certified Organic ingredients. Our products do not contain artificial dyes,  thickeners, or charred agents. We do not use harmful chemicals including animal products, petroleum products, phthalates, sulfates, benzoates, Cocamidopropyl betaine, salicylates, perfumes, or similar agents. Our products are preserved with natural preservatives. Learn more about Kusum Cosmetics in the about us and FAQ sections.

“Crafted with love using a delicate combination of pure ingredients to preserve their natural effects!”- Kusum