Stay Beautiful....Naturally!

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“Crafted with love using a delicate combination of pure ingredients to preserve their natural effects” 

Kusum creates unique solutions to today’s challenging beauty, hair, face, and skincare.

Kusum Cosmetics Products Face Cleanser

Kusum is the first and only brand promoting the “Health-focused skincare and haircare” concept. Skin issues related to the face could occur from irritation in the hands! Our product line treats your entire body with nature-derived skin and hair care products.

a) Shelf life
Kusum brings the innovative concept of a delicate combination of pure ingredients with a limited shelf-life to preserve their natural effects.

b) Quality & Innovation
Alcohol preservatives are the most common skin irritants in beauty products. Kusum’s entire product line is free of alcohol-based preservatives. Instead, we opt for bio-based preservation.

c) Avoiding the unwanted
We allow the ingredients to set the product’s color rather than using coloring agents. For aroma, we use high-quality essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances.

Leaving Your Happy Nest: Evolve from Engineered to Natural

Nature creates elements in a slow and controlled fashion.

Cosmetic products created using nature-derived elements produce subtle but effective results and provide long-term benefits.  

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Kusum's Pledge in Nature Conservation

Kusum uses organically cultivated raw material whenever possible. 

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