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Hair- The most noticed attraction.

Hair-Our Most Noticed Treasure.

Hair is our most noticed treasure on the face; hair is seen even before eyes and lips. Our hair boasts extreme flexibility and adaptability without causing discomfort. In other words, hair can be shaped, colored, and given various shapes. Hair is a complex blend of proteins and is more robust than a strand of copper wire1.

An average person sheds about 100 hair strands every day. Excessive hair loss can occur due to improper diet, lack of sleep, illness, hormonal imbalance, heat, and chemicals.

The hair follicle can receive nourishment through the bloodstream and directly through the scalp skin. It is vital to provide balanced natural nutrition to hair to maintain its natural density, shine, color, and flexibility.

Coloring our hair appears to be an easy way to express ourselves. About 75% of women colored their hair in 20152, and more men are choosing to dye their hair. We know a lot about hair color, iron/blow-dry, and hair cut; let’s learn more about factors that help keep our hair healthy.

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Our hair can be hydrated, moisturized, and nourished by cleansing and conditioning. Gentle cleansing helps hair remove unwanted dirt and debris, and conditioning helps maintain hair’s natural shine and keeps hair untangled.

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An ideal hair cleanser produces gentle foam that lifts the dirt off the hair strands and the scalp without excessively removing hair and scalp-friendly proteins. Many hair cleansers and shampoos contain surfactants that create a large foam upon contact with water and rubbing action. Sadly, excessive foam is more of a foe than a friend to the hair and scalp.

Similarly, an ideal hair conditioner provides nature-derived conditioning agents that help hair maintain its natural color, shine, flexibility, and thickness. Hair conditioners commonly contain polymers, acrylates, and silicones that stick to the hair strands without nourishing them. Furthermore, such a layer of chemicals often produces itching and irritation.

Haircare is simple; cleansing, conditioning, and oil or serum application. Read more about it in our earlier blog here. Natural oils, nature-derived surfactants, and conditioners help strengthen hair follicles and help fight against common causes of hair loss. These naturally occurring substances also prevent hair color loss.

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Many people who color their hair find the need to repeat hair color within a few weeks of an application. Shampoos and conditioners filled with synthetic materials strip off the hair color by changing the pH of the hair and scalp. The same reaction strips the hair of its natural color and shine and renders it brittle.

Kusum Cosmetics offers a complete hair care line made with naturally-occurring substances in a delicate combination to serve ideal cleansing, conditioning, and oil application.

Chic Hair Bath is a fusion of herbs, Pro-Vitamin B5, and oils known for scalp health, strengthening hair roots, and helping promote healthy hair growth.

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Plush Hair Conditioner is a delicate combination of organic Argan, Avocado, Macadamia, and Rosemary oils with Rapeseed derived conditioner providing natural, long-lasting conditioning and shine to your hair.

Hair Nourisher is a gentle fusion of venerable oils in just-right proportions for flawless hair. Hair nourisher is an excellent beard nourisher as well!

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Haircare products from Kusum offer antifade color protection to minimize color loss from natural hair and color-treated hair.

A simple hair care routine will help you improve your hair health. In addition, good sleep, a healthy diet, and stress reduction play a vital role in hair and skin health. You can read more about diet and skin and hair health here.

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