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Hair: Interesting Medley

Hair Medley

Key Insights:

  • Hair Composition.
  • Benefits of Hair.
  • Hair Growth Facts.
  • Hair Health Facts.
  • Hair Color Facts.
  • Optimizing Hair Health.
  • Summary.
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We love discussing hair. Why? It is one of very few parts of our body that can be changed to suit our expression! Hair is the only part that is shaped in different manners without going through discomfort! Hair can be shaped, colored, held together in various shapes, and so much more! Taking good care of our hair is equally vital, and we aim to discuss exciting facts of hair and improving hair health.

Hair Composition.

Our hair is a complex mixture of specialized proteins. It consists of about 50% carbon, 21% Oxygen, 17% Nitrogen, 6% Hydrogen, and 5% Sulphur.1,2 The composition of hair in men and women is similar.

These substances together make hair strand stronger than an electric wire (copper) of a similar size.

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Benefits of Hair.

The hair on our body insulates our skin from rapid changes in temperature and protects from harsh sunlight. It helps manage the sweating process by retaining moisture.

Hair Growth Facts.

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Hair grows pretty fast, only second to the bone marrow (a substance that helps produce blood cells). Hair growth ranges from 0.3mm to 0.5mm every day! Hair growth is not affected by cutting hair. A new hair strand begins to develop immediately after the older hair strand falls out.

Hair Health Facts.

About 150,000 hair strands on the scalp.2 An average person sheds about 100 hair strands every day. Excessive hair loss can occur due to stress, chemical imbalance, lack of proper diet, lack of adequate sleep, hormonal imbalance, infection, and illness. Several medicines are known to cause hair loss. Men develop excessive hair loss due to increased hormonal activity.

The hair follicle can be hydrated and nourished directly during washing and applying nourishing substances. Natural products such as Chic Hair Bath can provide necessary deep hydration and nourishment to growing hair at the scalp level while providing gentle cleansing. Plush Hair Conditioner made with plant-based conditioners can provide excellent detangling, shine and hair fiber longevity. In between hair washes, Hair Nourisher can provide deep scalp nourishment. It can be used as a gel overnight and washed out in the morning.

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Hair Color Facts.

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Black is the most common hair color. Blonde hair present in about 2 percent of population. Natural Red color is seen in only one percent the population!2 About 75% of women colored their hair in 2015, as opposed to only 7% in 1950.2 Average hair color is repeated in 4-8 weeks. However, pH-balanced natural hair care products such as Chic Hair Bath, Plush Hair Conditioner, and Hair Nourisher are safe for colored or chemically-treated hair. These can help retain hair color longer than conventional shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks. These products help hair cuticle stay closed during the washing process to prevent color escape.

How do you feel after reading through this brief discussion? Let us know. We hope that you found this post informative and useful.

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