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Leaving Your Happy Nest: Evolve from Engineered to Natural.

Leaving Your Happy Nest

Key Insights:

  • Fundamental Distinction.
  • Why Change?
  • Essential Evaluation of Contents.
  • Setting Reasonable Expectations.
  • Summary.

Wow! It smells amazing. The product is smooth and sank into my skin right away. The fragrance lasted all day. Of course, it displayed at the forefront. This impression is reasonable. But, let us dig deeper to see how and why.

Fundamental Distinction.

Every substance, natural or engineered, is a chemical, after all. Nature creates elements in a slow and controlled fashion. Engineered items are produced with the intention of mass production and quicker supply. One example is a high concentration of a chemically generated fragrance that lasts all day.

Why Change?

The effects produced by natural substances on our skin are generally well tolerated. Cosmetic products created using natural elements produce subtle but effective results and provide long-term benefits.

Essential Evaluation of Contents.

A quick review of product contents is sufficient to identify the amount of natural and engineered substances. Look for common and familiar names. The elements produced organically are marked with an asterisk (*). We cover this in detail here.

Setting Reasonable Expectations.

Naturally cultivated substances tend to have subtle fragrance in standard concentration. One may expect a natural product to smell far less than the one with synthetic fragrance. This adaptation takes time, but in return, you will have satisfying results.


Staying close to nature is a fundamental principle in good quality skincare. Understand the distinction between engineered and natural substances and prefer natural elements where possible. Setting reasonable expectations when making a switch is crucial.

How do you feel after reading through this brief discussion? Let us know. We hope that you found this post informative and useful.

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