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Simplified Organic Skincare

Simplified Organic Skincare

Recent years have seen immense interest in restoring natural ways of living. Organic lifestyle brings the predicament of misplaced beliefs and, more importantly, unrealistic expectations. This post discusses simplified organic skincare and living, and critical take-home points.

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A compounding confusion with the terms natural and organic is a common share issue with consumer’s understanding of a cosmetic product.

Cosmetic products are frequently labeled as “all-natural”, or “organic” on the front label or the name of the company itself contains words such as natural and organic leading to a belief that the product itself is natural and organic. It is often not the case. Simplified organic skincare is a concept of utilizing natural substances in their best form while retaining effectiveness.

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For example, a jar of high-quality, organic peanut butter at a local store had a transparent oil layer floating on the top. This appearance was quite different as the other jars had their peanut butter smooth and even.

At first sight, the jar with a floating oil layer might look like an old, spoiled product. In reality, this product was made fresh and did not use any gums or binding material to keep peanut butter solids and oils together.

In our opinion, such a product reflect vital principles of purity and delivering nature in its purest form. Since terms such as organic and natural are common, it is prudent for a consumer to thoroughly evaluate a product.

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Another example. Organically grown fruits and vegetables will ripen fast and even spoil in a few days of harvest. On the other hand, chemically-treated fruits and vegetables can withstand the forces of nature much longer. While longer shelf-life is convenient, added chemicals and other substances are harmful to our body.

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Similarly, organic cosmetic products contain naturally preserved substances. These products have a shorter shelf-life but provide natural results and free of harmful chemicals. Over the long run, embracing simplified organic skincare and living brings many benefits to life. You can read more about organic living here.

The following question and answer section will help you demystify Simplified Organic Skincare further:

1)Does the word “Organic” written on a label mean the product is organic?

Short answer- No. The devil is in the detail. One needs to read the product label in its entirety and understand it. A product may contain some but not all organic contents. Some products use synthetic preservatives, defying the purpose of using organic products. You can read more about how to read a label here.

2) How to tell if a cosmetic product is organic?

Again read the label entirely. Look at the ingredient section for product ingredients. It is common to list organic ingredients marked with an asterixis (*). At the end of the ingredient section, a text such as ” *Organic” or “*USDA Organic” indicates specific organic ingredients in the product. It is acceptable that the product may not have all of the ingredients organic.

3) Will organic cosmetics work faster?

Simplified organic living is a lifestyle change rather than an overnight miracle. We suggest setting reasonable expectations and stay the course of natural ways of living. You can read about exceptional lifestyle coach and their journey here.

4) A product worked for my friend. Will it work for me?

The effect of a cosmetic product is not universal. We suggest changing to organic living and set a simple skincare routine. Use organic cosmetics and maintain daily use.

5) What is the difference between organic and natural?

Organic substances grow without artificial, chemical, or modified treatment. Organic products contain ingredients procured organically.

A natural substance grows organically or conventionally (by using chemicals, artificial treatment). One needs to review the product label to find such details and differences.

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Simplified Organic Skincare

simplified organic skincare

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