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Skin Massage: an important cog in the skincare wheel.

Skin Massage: An Important Cog In The Skincare Wheel.

The application of touch in a systematic way induces positive effects. Skin massage refers to gentle, scientific manipulation of the skin resulting in incredible health benefits. Skin massage is an essential cog in the skincare wheel and will be discussed in detail here.

What is massage?

Massage refers to touching, pressing, rubbing, and manipulating skin, muscle, joints, ligaments, and tendons.1 There are various styles of massage that target specific areas of the body and produce different effects.

A brief history of massage.

The massage was iconic to luxury spas, health clubs, and upscale hotels. Nowadays, it is available everywhere, from your nearest shopping plaza to the airport kiosk. Massage therapy might feel like a modern luxury; its roots lie deep into traditional holistic methods.

The knowledge of life and longevity forms Ayurveda’s basis, an ancient medical concept from the Indian subcontinent.2 Dating back to about 3000 BCE (5,000 years ago), Ayurveda promoted massage therapy as a natural healing remedy that restored the body’s natural, physical balance.3

With time, these methods traveled to other parts of Asia. Eventually, this practice of natural healing entered the European continent and the rest of the world.

Benefits of massage.

Skin Massage1

Massage therapy reduces anxiety, stress, pain, muscle tension, headache, and stress-induced insomnia. Psychologically, a massage provokes relaxation, comfort and may help induce sleep.4

Skin massage in detail.

Skin massage is performed in various ways. The following table lists the most common methods of skin massage:

Gentle rubAlso known as Swedish massage.
Rejuvenating connective tissue massage.Slight pressure stimulates connective tissue of the skin.
Deep massageStimulation of deeper skin layers, along with muscles, tendons, and joints.
Rotating motionActivates skin muscle.
Added heat or cold therapyActivates circulation

Types of skin massage.

A combination of all of these works wonders!

How to perform a skin massage.

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Skin massage can be performed at home by you or by a professional. Self-massaging helps you connect with your body while observing your skin, contours and promotes relaxation.

Start with skin cleansing. Skin massage can be performed before or after a shower. We recommend using natural, unrefined, vegan body lotion, cream, oil, or butter. If you are using Organic Body Butter or Lotion, the product will sink into your skin well during the massage, and you will not need to take a shower. Using high-quality Organic oil, we suggest a shower with lukewarm water and a Natural Shower Gel.

1)         Sit or lay in a well-lit area. Natural, indirect sunlight offers the best visibility while protecting you from direct sun exposure (adjust the window shades or shutters!).

2)         Observe the area of massage. One may choose to massage a particular area of the skin at a time (just the face, area with hardened skin, or dry skin area). Pay attention to skin tone, unevenness, elasticity, and pattern of wrinkles, if any.

3)         Take a small quantity of high-quality body butter, lotion, or oil and start rubbing over the skin in a gentle, circular motion. Avoid dry rubbing, deep massaging.

4)         Observe the change in skin tone, and pattern of wrinkles, if any.

5)         Be generous with the use of butter, lotion, or oil; you will be rewarded greatly with the results! How do I know how much to use and when to stop adding more? The skin will remain shiny with continuous rubbing, and the liquefied butter, lotion, and oil will start dispersing to the other areas of the skin, which is the optimal quantity! The quantity also depends on the size of the site you are massaging.

6)         With a gentle massage of about 30 to 45 seconds, your fingertips will feel the skin’s rising temperature being massaged. The change in temperature marks the end of an ideal massaging. At this point, move to the next area.

7)         At the end of skin massage, allow the skin to rest for about five minutes before cleansing or to take a shower. Observe the massaged area. This step will help you track the improvement in the skin over time.

8)         We believe that our fingers can provide the best massage while providing great feedback on the massaging process. Alternatively, you may use a roller, stimulating device. Remember, skin massaging is more about connecting with your skin, using high-quality massaging material and methods, and performing it regularly.

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Remember to sit in a well-lit area, preferably with natural, indirect sunlight!

Benefits of skin massage

Mechanical stimulation influences the behavior of skin cells.5 Skin massage offers the following benefits:

1)         Anti-Aging and Anti-Wrinkle Therapy

Using your favorite anti-aging and anti-wrinkle therapy, along with skin massaging, can greatly enhance your results. A small study in 2017 has shown improvement in wrinkles, skin sagging, and skin evenness with this method.5

2)         Improve skin circulation

Routine use of skin massage increases skin temperature and relaxes the skin’s blood vessels, causing improved circulation. This way, our skin gets more oxygen while the butter, lotion, or oil deliver natural nutrients. This way, skin cells rejuvenate and improve their vitality.

3)         Improve lymphatic drainage

Our skin protects us from environmental factors. In this process, it collects dust, pollutants, and toxins. Lymph glands of our skin clear such toxins by acting as a filter. Skin massaging improves the function of the lymphatic system and helps clear out toxins quickly. In turn, the skin retains its radiance longer!

4)         Stimulation of collagen

Collagen is a rubber band like tissue that supports the skin cells. Collagen production decreases as we age and causes skin sagging and wrinkle formation. A gentle skin massage routine helps stimulate collagen-forming cells and boosts the production of healthy collagen.

5)         Natural exfoliation

Skin massaging with your finger using natural butter, lotion, or oil results in delicate friction between the creases of the inside of your hand (fingerprints!) and the area of skin being massaged. This friction causes the natural removal of dead and damaged skin layers without harming underlying young skin cells. This method is an excellent way of natural exfoliation without using harsh scrubbers and exfoliative preparations.

6)         Improve the tone of skin muscle

Our skin has a muscle too! Named “Arrector Pili Muscle,” it lies between the skin layers and helps regulate skin temperature by contracting and relaxing as needed. Skin massaging improves the tone of this muscle and helps prevent skin sagging.

We answer your questions!

What does massaging your skin does?

In a nutshell, skin massaging improves skin circulation, improves lymphatic drainage, stimulates collagen synthesis, provides natural exfoliation, and improves skin muscle tone.

How do I massage my skin?

Skin massage steps are as follows:

1)         Do-it-yourself or by someone or a professional.

2)         Sit in a well-lit area.

3)         Observe the site for massage. Look for unevenness, tonal imbalance, and wrinkles, if any.

4)         Use a generous quantity of high-quality, organic body butter, lotion, or oil.

5)         Use gentle pressure, circular motion, and sense the rising skin temperature.

6)         Allow the massaged area to rest for about five minutes. Observe for progressive improvement every time you massage the area.

7)         Be punctual and repeat periodically for consistent results!

8)         Enjoy your great looking skin!

Is it ok to massage your skin or face every day?

Light massage therapy has numerous benefits and can be used daily. Avoid harsh rubbing, too much pressure, chemicals, or harsh rubbing agents to prevent damage. We recommend high-quality organic butter, lotion, cream, or oil.

How often should you massage your skin and face?

Skin massage helps you connect to your body; it is an emotional affair. It should be repeated in a fashion that allows you enough time to observe and connect with your skin. Skin massage can be done daily, twice weekly, or weekly.

Does massage improve skin tone?

Yes. Skin massaging improves skin tone by improving blood circulation, enhances toxin clearance by the lymphatic system, improved oxygenation, and nutrient delivery.

Does face or skin massage cause wrinkle?

Gentle face massage using natural, organic butter, lotion, cream, or oil does not cause, promote, or worsen wrinkle. Harsh massage, putting too much pressure, and using chemicals can damage your skin and encourage wrinkle formation.

How can I make my face and skin look younger?

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