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Skin Response to Beauty Products: 1st Action or Reaction?

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Skin response simplified.

Skin response occurs through extensive nerve supply designed for every situation- the temperature, wind direction, subtle movements of the hair strands, and even the fight or flight reaction. Such an excellent nerve supply tends to feel every touch, even of the water. Naturally, this will bring about a ton of sensations while cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing, and more.

The skin response occurs differently to sun exposure1, and various beauty products; this response is different from person to person and from time to time. While applying a beauty product to the skin, one may feel soothing, dryness, and redness. Is this an action or reaction?

Why do we feel natural products are more on our skin than others?
Why my skin feels sensitive to certain products?
What is the difference between the action and reaction of the cosmetics products?

Our skin comes into contact with various environmental factors, including pollution, synthetic chemicals, weather changes, masks for covid protection, etc. These factors interact a lot with the skin’s protection mechanism resulting in increased skin permeability, loss of water, dehydration, and loss of skin-friendly oils. Age and genetics also play some role in this process.

I feel dry skin after a shower or washing my face. Action or Reaction?

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Taking a shower or washing your face even with just the water is supposed to remove some dirt, grime, and oil. Adding a soap, shower gel, or face cleanser will remove additional particles from the skin. Unavoidably, this process will also lift and remove some skin-friendly oils and the outermost layer of skin cells, causing a feeling of dryness; this is an expected part of the skin cleansing process. A shower gel from nature-derived substances may help reduce dryness. Read more about skin facts here.

A moisturizer followed by cleansing can help dry skin. Avoid occlusive emollients like mineral oils, beeswax, or petroleum, which can cause contact dermatitis.

For excessive dryness, try oil-based cleansers such as Face Massage and Body Massage before water-based cleansing.

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It feels different after using this new cream or lotion. Action or Reaction?

A typical and expected skin response is to new stimuli. Skin’s activity also depends on how dry it is, how the product is applied, and how long it stays on the skin. Many people describe “relieved,” “tingling,” and “pulling” sensation. If the skin becomes red, itchy, or swelling develops, there may be a reaction or irritation to the skin.

Nature-derived ingredients may cause a transient feeling of warmth or redness when first applied. Such feeling is an expected action as the nature-derived ingredients stimulate skin cells to repair, rejuvenate, hydrate, and regenerate. Typically, this feeling resolves over time as the skin’s natural protective barrier restores.

On the other hand, products can use a combination of synthetic chemicals to inhibit irritation. Such products often create a layer of synthetic chemicals on your skin without action.

I used different types of products but did not see results; why?

Nature creates elements in a slow and controlled fashion. Products made using nature-derived ingredients produce practical results and provide long-term benefits. Using nature-derived products and adapting to organic living is crucial in achieving and maintaining a well-cared skin. Every person responds differently to the environment and beauty products, and therefore, we believe that setting reasonable expectations and changing the entire lifestyle is critical to success in skincare.

While it is customary to expect “results,” consider an alternative approach.
As our slogan suggests, “Stay Beautiful…Naturally!” it is vital to maintain your beauty, tone, vitality, and radiance rather than focusing on reversing the changes in their entirety.

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