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Olive- A Gem with Skin Benefits

olive a gem with skin

Olive is the fruit of the olive tree. Extra virgin olive oil is first and cold-pressed extraction with excellent health benefits.

Let’s learn more about Olive oil’s benefits on Skin Health and appearance.

Olive Oil is rich in vitamin E, vitamin K, oleic acid, linoleic acid, stearic acid, and palmitic acid.

Effects of Olives on Skin Health

1) Antioxidant effect– Oxidative stress causes the skin to age faster and causes unwanted dark spots and blemishes. Olive oil’s Vitamin E and K prevents oxidative stress on the skin and deters aging signs.

2) Anti-inflammatory action– Many skin conditions are inflammation based. What is Inflammation? It’s a process in which our body reacts to specific insults or allergens. The most common one is the Autoimmune/allergic inflammatory reaction. When the cells of our immune system fight with our skin cells, inflammation occurs. This reaction is commonly known as dermatitis/eczema etc. Many people use and try many chemically formed creams/serum/lotions without reading their ingredient list (more info on out How to read the label). Sadly, chemicals cause unwanted reactions and further damage to our skin.

We will discuss how to find the culprit of all these problems. Are you excited?

Your search should start with your shower gel/soap.
a) Does my shower gel produce lots of foam?

b) Does it smell intense?

c) Do you feel dry after a shower?

d) Do you have to apply body lotion after a shower to calm itchy skin?

If you answer “yes” to any of those, then this is the time to change your shower gel or soap.

Most shower gel products and soaps contain chemicals that produce a large amount of foam. Artificial foam is a potent surfactant that removes skin-friendly oils, leaving a dry, itchy skin. Many bathing products contain mainly Castor oil and Palm oil due to its low cost and mass production. However, these oils can be harsh on our skin.

3) Skin Barrier repair and protection: Antimicrobial barrier and effect
Our skin contains many skin-friendly nano organisms that act as a barrier to repair and protect skin layers. It somewhat acts as a very weak antimicrobial that does not harm skin cells but prevents excess growth of harmful bacterias. Olive oil is ideal for protecting that skin barrier.

4) Permeability enhancer- I am sure all of us remember our chemistry class that a membrane allows the transfer of particles from one side to another. Well! The same principle applies here. That means it should retain moisturizer after shower or cleaning the skin, right? Well, here you go, Olive oil has the solution for that. It maintains and increases the permeability of the skin membrane so that it will not become dry.


Organic Shower Gels and Serene Face Cleanser from Kusum Cosmetics use USDA Certified Organic Olive Castile Soap, Himalayan Pink Salt, and Organic Essential Oils. Our products are preserved with natural preservatives. This unique combination provides gentle and effective skin cleansing while protecting it from dryness.

We hope you enjoyed reading this and stay tuned for more exciting articles.

Disclaimer-This website and content, comment, writing, or authors/contributors/writers do not provide or suggest medical, legal, or professional advice, opinion, or service. The information shared on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.




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A Short Primer on Oil in Skincare: an Essential Cog in the Skincare Wheel.

oil in skincare

Key Insights:

–           Naturally occurring oils in the skin.

–           A brief history of oil in skincare.

–           Organic oils for skincare.

–           Micronutrients of various natural oils.

–           Summary.

Skin cells consist of building blocks known as amino acids. Various factors, including excessive sun exposure, chemical applications, poor nutrition, and oxidants, affect collagen that keeps skin cells together. The damage to collagen commonly results in sagging skin and wrinkles.

Hair Nourisher

Our skin produces oil that helps fight dehydration and dryness. Oils contain fatty acids of various compositions. The amount and composition of oil in the skin differs from person to person. That is why we have normal, combination, oily, and dry skin types!

Oil in Skincare

Using the right type and amount of natural oil in skincare is a powerful tool for skin health and nourishment.

History of oil in skincare.

Daytime Kindle Body Lotion

Natural oils are used for skin care, skin conditions, and cosmetics for thousands of years. For example, Ayurveda is a form of alternative medicine that originated in prehistoric times in the Indian subcontinent. It used Neem oil, Sesame seed oil, and Coconut oils for various skin and hair conditions.

Serene Face Cleanser

Ancient Egyptians appear to have used Olive oil, Moringa oil, and Sesame seed oil for beautification and preserving youthful skin. Ancient Greeks used Olive oil as a skin moisturizer. Europeans used rosemary and cucumber seed oils to cleanse the skin.

Agran Oil1Kernel of Argan treeOleic acid, Linoleic acid, Palmitic acid, Stearic acid, Linolenic acidVitamin A, E
Almond Oil2Fruit of Almond treeOleic acid, Linoleic acid, Polyunsaturated fat, phytosterols.Vitamin E, Zinc
Avocado Oil3Fruit of Avocado treeOleic acid, Stearic acid, Linolenic acidVitamin C, E
Coconut Oil4Kernel of Coconut treeCaprylic acid, Decanoic acid, Lauric acid, Oleic acidVitamin E
Grapeseed Oil5Seeds of GrapesLinoleic acid, Oleic acid, Palmitic acid, Stearic acid, Alpha-lipolenic acidTcopherols,
Vitamin E
Hemp seed Oil6Seeds of Hemp plantOmega-6 fatty acids, Gamma-linolenic acid, Alpha-linolenic acidVitamin C, E
Jojoba Oil7Jojoba plant seedPalmitic acid, Stearic acid, Arachidic acid, Oleic acid, Behenic acid, Erucic acid, Lignoceric acid, Nervonic acidIodine
Macadamia Oil8Nut from Macadamia treeMystiric acid, Oleic acid, Gadoleic acid, Behenic acid, Palmitic acidTocotrienols
Vitamin E
Neem Oil9Seeds of Neem treeLinoleic acid, Oleic acid, Palmitic acid, Stearic acid, Alpha-linolenic acid, Palmitoleic acidVitamin E, Azadirachtin Nimbin, Sterols
Olive Oil10Fruit of the Olive treeOleic acid, Linolenic acid, Palmitic acidVitamin E Squalene
Rosehip Oil11Seed of wild Rose bushLinoleic acid, Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids, Alpha-linolenic acidVitamin C,
Beta carotene Retinol
Sesame Oil12Seed from Sesame plantPalmitic acid, Oleic acid, Linoleic acidVitamin K
Soybean Oil13Seed from Soybean plantAlpha-linolenic acid, Oleic acid, Linolenic acid, Stearic acid, Palmitic acidVitamin E
Vitamin K
Various Organic Oils for Skincare.
Peppermint-Lemon Natural Shower Gel

Oils are used for various purposes in cosmetic industry. Natural oils are used as toner, cleanser, moisturizer, and protectant for day-to-day skincare.

Most liquid soaps contain caster, coconut, and palm oils that are cheap and mass produced. High-quality soaps such as our natural shower gels use Olive Castile soap made from USDA Certified organic olive oil.


Natural oils derived from vegan sources are used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes for centuries. Today, we have a good understanding of its contents, nutrients, and benefits for skincare.

How do you feel after reading through this brief discussion? Let us know. We hope that you found this post informative and useful.




This website and content, comment, writing, or authors/contributors/writers do not provide or suggest medical, legal, or professional advice, opinion, or service. The information shared on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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