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Almond Oil- Hidden Secrets.

Almond Oil-Hidden Secrets

Almonds are well-known for their nutritional benefits. Almond oil contains some of the hidden secrets for superb skincare.

Snapshot of Almond Oil-Hidden Secrets.

Fight inflammation naturally.
boost immunity
Non-comedogenic (minimize acne-risk)
reduce eye puffiness and dark circles
reduces and prevent wrinkles
fight oxidants and to avoid skin damage from sunlight.
reduce the appearance of scars
improve complexion and skin tone
lock in moisturizer

Effect of the aging process.

We lose our fatty acids with aging; this is one reason for developing skin wrinkles. Here are some skin-friendly super fatty acids that help fight signs of aging.

Oleic acid use prevents wrinkles by enhancing membrane permeability so that our deeper skin layers get the necessary moisturizer they need. Oleic acid also helps in wound healing.

Skin damage from day to day irritant exposure.

Linoleic acid helps repair the skin defense system and prevents ongoing damage from various irritants (Ultraviolet light, chemicals, pollution).

Minerals and Micronutrient support.

Zinc is abundant in skin tissue. Zinc deficiency is a common cause of skin problems.

Zinc– improve immune response to fight against infection. Zinc reduces inflammation and skin irritation, including acne formation.  

Aspartic acid- is a natural amino acid, cleanses the skin by binding dirt and particles, including unwanted oils and wax deposits. Aspartic acid is a natural makeup remover.

Glutamic acid– This amino acid is a natural humectant; it helps hydrate skin.

Vitamin BResearch suggests a vital role of vitamin B in generating new skin cells and increasing the thickness of healthy skin layers.

Vitamin E– This is a powerful anti-oxidant to fight day to day irritants and negative factors.

Natural Almond oil contains all of the above skin-friendly substances. Be sure to choose a high-quality, organic massage, lotion, and oil!

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