Are your products suitable for all skin types?

Yes, our products are suitable for all skin types. Just adjust the amount to suit your skin type! For example, dry skin may require more lotion, and oily skin may need less lotion than normal skin type. Read more about simple skincare routine here.

What results should I expect by using your products? What are Kusum Cosmetics product results?

Kusum Cosmetics product results are delivered by natural elements that help you improve and retain your natural look. Results and timing can vary from person to person. Read more about setting reasonable expectations here.

Once you switch from engineered to naturals, your body and skin may undergo necessary adaptation. The effects produced by natural substances on our skin are generally well tolerated. Cosmetic products created using natural elements have subtle but significant results and provide long-term benefits. You can find more discussion about this process here.

How long should I use the products?

Use the products on a daily and consistent basis to achieve and maintain the effects of natural ingredients.

How long should I use the products

how long should i use the products

how long should i use the products

Are your products antiaging?

“Antiaging” is a medical claim; it is not a cosmetic claim. Many products claim to be antiaging and clinically proven; it is misleading without detailed proof. You can read more about false claims here.

Do your products contain allergens? What about allergy to cosmetic products?

We use natural substances and preservatives. The product label describes the ingredients and preservatives used. Please read the entire label, including ingredients and directions, to identify potential allergens. Consider a patch test if you have allergy to cosmetic products. If you need help understanding the contents of the product, we have excellent posts on our blog.