What is your shipping process?

We strive to ship the products within 24 hours of receiving your order during normal business hours. We operate on Pacific Standard Time (PST). We ship products securely packed in recyclable packaging with tracking information. If you have any questions about shipping process, please contact us.

Tell me about shopping experience on your website.

We have a secure website for easy and painless shopping experience. Our automated system will email you once an order is placed. You will receive another email with tracking information once your order ships. You may contact us with any questions here. Most emails are answered within one business day.

What is the brand story of kusum cosmetics?

Our journey started with a quest to understand what goes into a lotion. The ingredient list was full of engineered substances we never heard of before! We created unique solutions to day-to-day skin and hair care, using naturally occurring, organic substances.

brand story of kusum cosmetics