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What can cause face irritation?

what causes face irritation

We answer your questions on face irritation in this blog post.
What can cause face irritation? What causes an allergic reaction to the face? How do I treat dry face? How do I prevent face irritation?

What is face irritation?

Irritation of the skin can present as itching, redness, dryness, or a combination of the above. Irritation from the jewelry, seasonal allergies, particular foods, aminal dander/hair, dust mites, insect bites is well known.

What are common causes of face irritation?

The water you use to clean the skin, clothes, cosmetics, makeup, and makeup removers are common skin irritation causes.

What is the most common cause of skin irritation?

Believe it or not, touching your face with dirty fingers! Our fingers can catch irritants in-between hand washes, and we may touch various objects and the face without knowing. This action allows bugs, bacteria, viruses, and irritants to get into the face’s skin and cause trouble.

What dietary issues cause skin irritation?

Dehydrated skin, reduced water intake, lack of vegetables and fruits in the diet, uncontrolled diseases such as diabetes, certain medical conditions, and low minerals in the body (such as zinc and iron) causes skin irritation.

Dry skin is a common cause of skin irritation.

What foods cause an allergic reaction to the face?

Certain foods like seafood, peanuts, and fruits can cause allergies to the skin.

How do I fix face rash, face irritation, or dry skin?

1) identify the cause and avoid exposure.
2) use a pH balanced, natural face cleanser.
3) avoid dyes/colors/artificial scent in your makeup, creams, lotions, and cosmetics.
4) avoid perfumed soaps/detergents/some metals/jewelry and cleaning products.
5) review the ingredients of your cosmetics to make sure you are not applying any harsh chemicals.
6) use a humidifier for dry skin.
7) avoid prolonged exposure to heat and cold.
8) avoid dry direct heat or cold.
9) avoid hot showers.

How to prevent face irritation?

1) use natural cosmetics.
2) use a natural, pH-balanced face cleanser.
3) apply naturally-derived serum or cream.
4) stay hydrated, drink plenty of water.
5) eat the right amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet.
6) if you have chronic medical conditions, keep them controlled.
7) exercise regularly to improve blood circulation to your skin.
8) Develop a simple skincare routine and follow it diligently.

See photos of various skin rashes and allergies here.

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